New Frontier Energy Announces New Business Focus and Strategies: Oil…

New Frontier Energy Announces New Business Focus and Strategies: Oil…


ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2022 / Effective September 7, 2022, the board of directors of New Frontier Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NEW) decided to exit real estate-related operations and adopted a new business plan to enter the oil shale exploration industry, whose business is focused on a technology known as resonance and micronization System (RAMS), which is exclusive to United Energy Corp. (OTC:UNRG) with the consent of the master licensee.

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Shareholder Update. The Company’s CEO, Richard Edelson, is poised to take his mission into the oil shale exploration industry. “We believe RAMS technology will revolutionize shale oil production. RAMS technology is more economical, higher yielding, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, faster producing and requires less maintenance than traditional methods of shale oil recovery,” stated Mr. Edelson. “We are currently in the process of financing the manufacture of our first RAMS machine and have already begun executing our sales strategies to create a new pioneering energy company. We will update our shareholders regularly on the progress,” concluded Mr. Edelson.

Brian Guinn, CEO of UNRG added, “RAMS technology is revolutionizing traditional methods of recovering oil from shale reserves. United Energy is excited to partner with New Frontier Energy in the development and expansion of this exciting technology. With its Regulation-A offering, New Frontier Energy has an existing financing structure that should allow for a much more robust technology development, manufacturing, and sales process that is well ahead of any other company in this space. Today, UNRG has a fully diluted 20% equity interest in New Frontier Energy and we are committed to contributing to its success.”

About RAMS The micronized RAMS technology is capable of extracting either pollutants or…

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