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New opinion polls show that an 81% approval rate welcomes Afghan allies who help the United States

“Broad support for the resettlement of Afghan allies by both parties is part of a broader trend of public opinion that favors immigrants and immigration, which has become stronger in the past four years,” Voice of America, an advocacy group for immigrant rights Said Responded to opinion polls on Monday.

organization Take note of the Gallup poll last July This shows that the approval rating of Americans who think more immigration is a good thing is close to a record high.Latest data on progress voting Also shows Overwhelming support provides young undocumented immigrants, temporary status holders and basic workers with access to citizenship. “The vast majority of Americans support the resettlement of our Afghan allies, regard immigration as a good thing, and hope that Congress will officially recognize that undocumented immigrants are already Americans,” said Frank Shari, executive director of Voice of America.

“At the same time, the ultra-nationalist right in the United States is working overtime to intimidate the American people against it in all three areas,” Shari continued. “It doesn’t work.” As I pointed out last week, NBC News report attempts to portray political divisions Excessive welcoming of Afghans by citing former White House aide and famous white supremacist Stephen Miller and anti-immigration propagandist Laura Ingraham.

“The Trump faction of the Republican Party is loud, but not loud,” Shari continued. “Their political effectiveness is seriously overestimated. They supported Trump’s nationalization of the 2018 midterm elections because of excessive fear of “caravans and criminals” and suffered the biggest midterm failure in American history. They believe that Trump performed well on xenophobia in 2020, but he lost 7 million votes to candidates who supported immigrants. During Trump’s war on immigrants and refugees, the Republicans lost the House of Representatives, Senate and White House .”

Other recent polls also show that “the majority of voters (55%) also want Biden to speed up the visa approval process for Afghan allies who have helped the U.S. military in the two decades of operations there,” Kerry Eleveld of Daily Kos wrote last week. “People who support simplified visa procedures include the majority of Democrats (62%) and independents (56%), as well as 45% of Republicans.” The new poll came as major refugee advocates stated that the Biden administration had made great strides in the number of people evacuating from Afghanistan.


“This is how progress looks like,” Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, chairman of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, responded to the updated figures on Twitter. Report CBS News. “Airports are still facing challenges, but the increasing speed of evacuation is very encouraging. This proves what we can achieve with the close cooperation of the U.S. military and dedicated professional diplomats.”

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