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New trader Joe opens in Williamsburg!

Image source: Cate Corcoran

New trader Joe opens in Williamsburg!

Author: Kate Kirkland

Trader Joe’s is really coming to Williamsburg. There is a bright red sign outside the 200 Kent Avenue between North 3rd Street and Metropolitan Avenue. According to the sign in the lobby, the interior is being renovated and they are accepting delivery.

Rumors about the opening date can be seen everywhere on the Internet, some say Black Friday, November 30, December, or even January. Trader Joe’s website states that the location is “coming soon.” According to what we have seen when passing by recently, it seems possible to open in about three weeks.

Lee (denim company) is occupying another storefront in the building, and the other space is still empty. The building will have a parking lot underground, and unusually, there will be a parking lot on the second floor.

According to a report by Crain’s at the time, Trader Joe’s signed the lease of the space as early as 2015. That was before Whole Foods opened in Bedford. The grocery store has two other locations in the borough, Boerum Hill (where the route wraps around the block) and City Point in downtown Brooklyn. The location of Anthers was recently opened not far from Williamsburg in Long Island City.

The developer is Cornell Real Estate Management Company, and they are very active in the district. They bought the property in 2016 for 33 million U.S. dollars. Michael Even is the architect of record and LIVWRK is responsible for the design of this building.

This story first appeared in Brownstone.

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