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New York and London top the list in the Global Financial Center Index – EURACTIV.com

According to the ranking published on Friday, New York easily maintained the top spot in the latest Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI), while London remained in second place despite the decline in Chinese cities.

The index was released by Z/Yen Group in cooperation with the think tank China Development Research Institute, especially after the UK exited the European Union last time, London lost the opportunity to enter the EU financial market, which will make London breathe a sigh of relief. December.

GFCI said in a statement: “The relatively strong performance of New York and London shows that despite the fundamental changes in work practices in the past 18 months, the financial services industry in these cities has managed to maintain performance.”

The ratings of Hong Kong and Singapore, ranked third and fourth, both fell by 25%.

“We see two patterns in the results of GFCI 30-confidence in the economic recovery of North America and Western Europe after the 2020 shock; The economy in the pandemic is stable and the situation is stabilizing.

“The competition is still fierce. In addition to the top two centers, in the 1,000-point range, the third to eighth-ranked centers are only 5 points apart.”

In their survey of fintech centers, New York and Shanghai maintained the first and second positions, and London rose two places to third because the UK prioritized policies that benefited fintech.

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