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New Zealand suspends the “bubble” of travel with Australia.Sydney “closes” for two weeks-The World

Facing the outbreak of new coronavirus cases caused by the more contagious variant of Delta, the Australian authorities have imposed a lockdown on the entire Sydney. After implementing restrictions on four downtown districts on Friday, the Sydney authorities decided to extend the measures to Australia’s largest metropolis (population over 5 million) for two weeks.
This week, more than 80 people in the country tested positive, all related to a driver who brought the crew from Sydney Airport to the isolation hotel.

New Zealand has suspended Australia’s “travel bubble” in response to a new wave of COVID-19 in the country. This was announced by the New Zealand government. Starting April 19, travelers from Australia can visit New Zealand without quarantine.

Tunisia’s health continues to be worrying, and even Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi-despite having received two doses of the new coronavirus vaccine-has tested positive in routine tests. The President announced that Mechichi will work from home. According to weekly leaders’ reports, among other things, the Prime Minister plans to visit Italy in early July. According to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, in the 9898 tests conducted on June 24, there were 3467 newly confirmed cases and 83 deaths. The positive rate was 35.03%.

Robed Amin, spokesperson for the Bangladesh Ministry of Health, announced that after a “dangerous and shocking” increase in coronavirus cases related to the Delta variant, Bangladesh will implement a new strict lockdown starting next Monday.

The Argentine government has extended the state of health emergency that took effect in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic to July 9 and reduced the maximum number of Argentines or foreigners that can enter the country to 600 people, but in any case the border is not for tourism The industry is closed for at least fifteen days.

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