NFM Lending salutes Joe Dulmage ~ Prodigy Press Wire

NFM Lending salutes Joe Dulmage ~ Prodigy Press Wire



 NFM Lending is pleased to honor Sergeant First Class Joe Dulmage, USA, as the NFM Salute for July 2022.

Dulmage grew up around Veterans—his grandfather, uncle, and great uncle all served in the military. Hearing the stories of their service and heroism planted the seed that led him to join the U.S. Army in 1999.

Dulmage initially joined the military, intending to work in communications. However, in 2001, he applied to become a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, the elite Green Berets. For him, the Green Berets offered a more challenging, competitive, team-driven, and liberating environment than what was standard in the Army. Dulmage was accepted into the program and underwent rigorous training over a 2-year period. Because Special Forces operate with unconventional warfare, it was essential for Dulmage and his team to prepare for any situation at any time.

“The selection process was roughly a month, and it’s really physical,” he described. “They do different tasks that you have to navigate through, but essentially after that month-long period, you get selected to join. The training program for me in the pipeline was right around 2 years, and that includes collective group training, so you’re learning your basic tactics. Once you pass that, you go into the individualized trainings.” Dulmage completed medical training for his role as a combat medic.

In his career, Dulmage has deployed multiple times to South America and the Middle East. He has participated in a range of special operations missions worldwide. He was awarded the Purple Heart after sustaining shrapnel injuries from a mortar attack on his camp while in the Middle East.

With 23 years of service under his belt, Dulmage is preparing to retire soon. He already has career plans for his post-military life, including becoming a certified physician assistant and self-defense teacher. The leadership abilities he gained while in the Special Forces will undoubtedly benefit him as he…


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