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Nicole Kidman’s “Foreigners” set in Hong Kong, photo-TV

Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) will shoot some scenes of “foreigners” in the Mong Kok market in Hong Kong. This is an Amazon Prime series about the lives of wealthy expatriates (she is the executive producer of the series, inspired by A book about golden life published by Janice YK Lee in 2016). Three American women in the city), the Australian actress was severely criticized after arriving in this former British colony because she skipped the requirement that immigrants from high-risk countries were quarantined in hotels for 21 days and seven days from low-risk countries One of the provisions. -The risky country, always in the hotel, the next week is the observation.
Hong Kong’s decision to grant Hollywood star Nicole Kidman exempt from quarantine as part of measures to combat Covid-19 has aroused anger on social media and others because the city has the strictest anti-coronavirus in the world , Recently tightened.
The Hong Kong Trade and Economic Development Council confirmed that the 54-year-old Australian actress and crew were exempted from “specialized professional work”. In this case, the beneficiary must undergo three Covid tests within two weeks of arrival.
Since she landed in a private jet from Australia last Thursday, the city tabloid has been closely following the actress’s appearance in Hong Kong, including shopping and filming in the West Bay area. (deal with).

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