No Warner Bros. Discovery ‘Batgirl’ gets the ax as a $90 million film…

No Warner Bros. Discovery ‘Batgirl’ gets the ax as a $90 million film…


“Batgirl,” a $90 million production currently in post-production Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. WBDhas been discontinued.

What happened: Warner Bros. Discovery has “focused the company’s priorities” back on theatrical films, by variety.

This leaves “Batgirl”, which was supposed to premiere on the streaming platform HBO Max, without a home.

The decision wasn’t driven by the quality of the film, which had well done at test demonstrations.

Why it matters: The news first reported the New York Postnaturally drew the ire of fans on Twitter who had been anticipating the character’s screen debut.

It’s also a poor performance for Warner Bros. Discovery, which – despite their string of films starring DC Comics characters – barely made a sound at San Diego Comic-Con last week (apart from a Dwayne Johnson Appearance to promote “Black Adam”). Meanwhile, fans broke out about the producer Kevin Feig‘s revelation of Marvel’s future plans.

Marvel, a DC rival in superheroes, is owned by Walt Disney Co DIS.

What’s next: Expect fans to push the studio to release “Batgirl” which stars Leslie Grace, JK Simmons, Brendan Fraser and Michael Keatonreprising his role as Batman.

back if AT&T Inc. T owned by DC Comics, fans of the director Zack Snyder successfully lobbied for his unfinished version of Justice League to premiere on HBO Max.

In addition, despite allegations of abuse, “The Flash” will continue with a theatrical release in 2023 and…


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