Noam Chomsky says ChatGPT has nothing to do with education

Noam Chomsky says ChatGPT has nothing to do with education


Noam Chomskyalso known as the father of modern linguistics, has expressed his views on the meaning of OpenAI‘S chatGPT in education.

What happened: During an interview on the youtube Channel EduKitchen told Chomsky that chatGPT — an AI-powered chatbot that’s been making waves in the tech ecosystem — has nothing to do with education other than subvert it.

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Chomsky called chatGPT “essentially a high-tech plagiarism” that makes learning difficult because it does no more to develop language and cognitive skills than plagiarism.

“There have been programs for years to help professors identify plagiarized essays. Now it’s getting harder because it’s easier to plagiarize, but that’s about the only contribution to education I can think of,” he added.

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Why it matters: The impact of chatGPT and similar technologies has become a topic of discussion among educators and tech professionals.

The technology was made available for public testing in November 2022 praised chatGPT’s ability to provide answers in conversationconcerns began to rise that the same was being used for academic dishonesty.

Last month, after some schools and educators raised concerns that chatGPT encourages duplication and plagiarism, the New York City Department of Education Teachers and students prevented from using the technology on their devices and internet networks.

In light of these complaints, OpenAI has also released a new tool for differentiation between human- and AI-generated texts – but this technology has many limitations.

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