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NOC sheds old image, says goodbye to influencer-led biz: Sylvia Chan

Singaporean production company Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) is shedding its old image.

A decade after it was founded, NOC is pivoting from an influencer-led company to a content-driven one, shared co-founder Sylvia Chan in an interview with Marketing-Interactive.

The business has launched a new website recently and wants to become a 360-degree content hub.

Sylvia made the headlines of local and overseas news publications last year after she was allegedly said to have abused and mistreated her employees. The negative public image caused major brands to stop collaborations with the production company.

“We want to be more content-led. We want to be an incubator of ideas and be creators of meaningful content. The team is aligned on this new direction,” Sylvia said.

On what being a content-led business means, Sylvia said that NOC wants to spend time doing more impactful content that is sharper and stronger in its messaging. According to Sylvia, the company has close to 30 employees now. For a start, it will be expanding its offerings to videography and journalism.

The business will also work with clients that share similar goals and have a more “conscious and intentional messaging”.

NOC will be looking at collaborations too, which Sylvia thinks is key to taking the business to “greater heights”.

Sylvia bounces back

The co-founder of NOC had to deal with the frenzied backlash from netizens when an anonymous blog surfaced last year and alleged that she was ill-treating her employees.

There were also personal and business disputes between Sylvia and her ex-husband and fellow NOC co-founder Ryan Tan that became hot button issues discussed among the online community.

Image Credit: Ryan Tan’s Instagram and a screenshot of Sylvia’s interview with Xiaxue

Sylvia has since made a public apology and has taken herself down NOC’s artiste lineup.

Featured Image Credit: Night Owl Cinematics, Sylvia Chan’s Instagram.

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