NodeRealthe world’s leading provider of blockchain infrastructure and services, has solidified its position as a global leader in delivering fast, scalable and resilient node services with the release of its latest performance benchmark results.

Providing accurate performance numbers for blockchain API solutions is never easy. Therefore, to demonstrate the outstanding performance of its infrastructure services, NodeReal introduced a comprehensive performance testing framework to evaluate the performance, stability and scalability of NodeReal solutions.

According to NodeReal Senior Tech Evangelist Jimmy Zhao, “Our testing framework allows us to simulate the most critical factors to assess and test the requirements of high-performing Web3 apps as they interact with the blockchain. The results show that NodeReal offers faster, more stable and more scalable access to blockchains than any other company in this space. We want to lighten the burden of backend techniques when integrating with blockchains while ensuring partners and customers have an uncompromised user experience.”

Based on these self-conducted benchmark test results, NodeReal has proven its standing as the top-performing blockchain API provider over all other industry players.

Performance testing methods: The three important metrics

With the advent of blockchain and Web3, organizations need to take a closer look at the performance, stability, and scalability of the underlying technology.

Partnering with the right blockchain infrastructure and the right service provider that can meet these primary parameters can make the difference between the success and failure of any Web3 journey.

Therefore, to evaluate the performance of the API services, three key metrics were covered:

SLA: The importance of having the service always available and online.
stability: The quality of service should be very high, with stable and deterministic responsiveness at all times.
scalability: Even at…


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