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Noochy Poochy secures new listing

The new vegan pet food brand Noochy Poochy has been launched in many stores and wholesalers after researching vegan vitamins.

Noochy Poochy, a cheese-flavored dog food created by vegan veterinarian Lucy McKinna, was launched this summer, claiming that they put “transparency at the core of what they do.”

In this spirit, McKinner explained that due to the use of vitamin D 3, the brand “cannot call itself a vegetarian at the time.

She said: “Vitamin D 3 is essential for a complete dog food. It provides everything your dog needs to stay healthy. We don’t believe that the vegan D 3 options on the market will remain stable throughout the cooking process. So before we need to determine
Can enter the market as a vegan. “

After looking for a vegan choose, The team obtained D 3 made from algae, and after several rounds of independent testing, Noochy Poochy can now claim to be “the only 100% vegan and complete dry dog ​​food.”

Therefore, the brand has been Independent pet shop And wholesalers, including the Tree of Life, their 2kg recyclable bags, as part of their sustainable development, have been supplied in bulk to zero waste shops across the UK.

Ellie Smith, the buyer of the Tree of Life, said: “I really look forward to the launch of Noochy Poochy in November with the Tree of Life, and hope that our customers are big fans of this 100% vegan pet food.”

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