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Not just where the hurricane passes on its way to Florida or Louisiana

Reports of weather events often misname or mispronounce the location of the storm.


Six months later:


Recently, I posted this topic on Twitter. I decided that it was worthwhile to discuss this issue on Daily Kos.



Hecos It is currently the only Daily Kos community group that regularly publishes stories unrelated to disasters in the area. However, it is not difficult to find Democrats with ties to the Caribbean.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ father is Jamaican, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s parents are from Puerto Rico, like the parents of New York Rep. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez. Another member of the New York House of Representatives, Adriano Espaillat, was born in the Dominican Republic, while the parents of Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee immigrated from Jamaica. here. The non-voting U.S. Virgin Islands Delsteady Plasquite’s parents are from St. Croix—but we often overlook the contribution of Caribbean Americans to our politics.

This short 2017 video from YouTuber Lyndsay Elizabeth lists 60 influential Caribbean Americans who have had an impact on our history and culture…the list originally had 20. From Marcus Garvey to Esther Rolle, Alexander Hamilton to Audre Lorde, the contributions of these five dozen people are undeniable, and they are just the beginning.

Caribbean Affairs It is a new series that I will write here. I hope that those of you who are interested in the Caribbean will participate in the poll below and join our efforts at Daily Kos to cover our Caribbean neighbors.

This is the first step: Although there are several great writers covering weather and natural events in the Caribbean, many of these stories do not have the #Caribbean tag, which makes them harder to find. If you see a post that you think is related to the Caribbean, I hope you can add that tag, and if you happen to have some free time, help update the unmarked past stories.

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