• Novo Nordisk A/S NVO Has completed release topline Results from its six ONWARDS Phase 3a clinical trials of once-weekly dosing of insulin icodec in people with diabetes.
  • The ONWARDS 5 study found that once-weekly insulin Icodec was non-inferior to once-daily basal insulin in reducing HbA1c. The 52-week open-label study thus met its primary endpoint at the end of the study.
  • Novo’s Icodec resulted in a -1.68 percentage point reduction in HbA1c compared to -1.31% for the once-daily control. The study included 1,085 insulin-naïve people with type 2 diabetes. Icodec patients also used an app to control their dosage.
  • The news complements the ONWARDS test results is from April.
  • In July, the company announced headline results from the phase 3a studies ONWARDS 3 and ONWARDS 4 with insulin icodec once weekly.
  • Earlier this month, Novo lost weight worldwide marketing rights to Seeland Pharma A/S‘s ZEAL Diabetes treatment Zegalog and signed a $1.1 billion acquisition Forma Therapeutics Holdings Inc FMTX for his sickle cell drug.
  • Novo Nordisk expects to apply for regulatory approval of once-weekly insulin icodec in the US, EU and China in H1 2023.
  • Price promotion: NVO shares are up 2.26% to $101.88 on Monday’s latest check.


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