A former National Security Agency (NSA) employee is accused of trying to sell classified information to a foreign government officially. According to the Department of Justice (DOJ) Jareh Sebastian Dalke30, was arrested in Denver, Colorado.

The DOJ has reported that Dalke, who worked as an information systems security designer for the NSA, was caught after contacting an undercover FBI agent because he thought he was a representative of a foreign government.

According to the report, Dalke had used an encrypted account to send excerpts of classified US documents to what he believed to be a foreign official but was in fact an FBI agent.

According to DOJ ComplaintDalke carried excerpts from three classified documents he had received while working for the NSA.

Dalke arranged for the classified information in his possession to be transmitted to the FBI agent at a location in Denver, Colorado. The FBI arrested Dalke on September 28 after Dalke arrived at the specified location.

According to the DOJ criminal complaint, Dalke sent the agent excerpts of the documents, including their classification marks, as “a small sample of what’s possible.”

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Dalke had also sent the FBI agent a four-page document containing information about an unnamed foreign leader as a “mark of good faith,” saying he was “ready to provide full documents without reservation.”

The DOJ complaint states that undercover FBI agent Dalke was paying around He demanded $16,000 in cryptocurrency. Dalke later asked for $85,000 to turn over the files he had on hand.

Dalke faces charges of three violations of the Espionage Act, making it a felony to transmit NDI to a representative of a foreign nation with intent or cause to believe or attempt to use information to the detriment or benefit of the United States could become a foreign nation.

The espionage law carries a potential death sentence or imprisonment up to…


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