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OK against straw cannabis business, PA State liquor stores will sell…

The Georgia Cannabis Commission is evaluated by the USDA

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission was capable of avoid narrowly resolved in a vote held on Thursday. It is now evaluated by the US Department of Agriculture. The regulatory agency tasked with overseeing the state’s medical marijuana program passed a framework for the manufacture and sale of low-THC cannabis oil to patients.

OK against straw owners

Oklahoma Senator Lonnie Paxton has allegedly introduced a bill to target illegal holders of straws from medical marijuana stores by imposing business restrictions. The bill aims to address specific issues, such as straw possession, to allow for swift action by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and the Attorney’s Office.

Syndicates suspected of operating illegal cannabis cultivation in the Bay Area

Officials say many of Northern California’s illegal cannabis operations are run by China-based “triads.” The California Department of Cannabis Control Believes that these groups have been involved in illegal cannabis cultivation in the region for several years, reported the gate of San Francisco.

Interstate Marijuana Trade Bill Passes Washington House Committee

The Washington State House panel approved a bill sponsored by Senator Ann Riversto allow licensed cannabis companies to import and export marijuana products between jurisdictions. The governor can enter into memoranda of understanding with other jurisdictions to allow trade between states, but the bill will only go into effect if the U.S. Department of Justice allows marijuana trafficking across state lines or if a federal law amendment allows the interstate transfer of cannabis between states legal business.

Proposed PA bill would allow liquor stores to sell marijuana

The Pennsylvania legislature is considering a The invoice Legalize recreational marijuana and sell it through the state liquor store. The proposed legislation would also allow cannabis users to: buy alcohol and cannabis in the same shop, grow…

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