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Olaf Schultz and Armin Raschelt in »Photo TV«: The trap with the German flag

Lashet spread the cloth in front of him like a tablecloth. “Ronzheimer bit his head: “So, are you okay with the German flag?” “Ronzheimer is more difficult: “You are here to guarantee: if possible election victory, the German flag? ”Raschelt in Afghanistan In the past 20 years? Do not? why not? If he were the prime minister, would he go to the movies during the international crisis?

Ronzheimer wants to know whether Laschet will deport “rapists, criminals, here are images from surveillance cameras” to Afghanistan. Laschet doesn’t like to exclude this “forever”. Immediately afterwards, he had to conduct a conference call with citizens who insulted him as a “failure” during the visit to the flood, and the “picture” (the boulevard is good at finding) was found.

Other thorny questions are, for example, does Laschet sometimes think about why he is running for a candidate when he sleeps at night. Or what is he laughing at in Elfstadt. If something suddenly appears, it will be indexed immediately and faded out in white on a red background: “Laschet: Someone made a stupid statement.”

Calmun thinks these problems are too annoying

Reiner Calmund didn’t like that at all. He criticized Ronzheimer and his “unpleasant questions” instead of Laschet. Today, he said, “Many things are not fair”, this is how normal people “do not treat each other well.” He himself would like to know some unresolved topics that have no place tonight: pensions, children and poverty in the elderly, medical care, and the economy.

Instead, Ronzheimer wanted to know how Laschet solved his marital problems (if any). What if his poll number is less than 22? Raschelt shrugged, “keep on fighting,” and tried to find an image in sports-of course: “Sports, football, and politics.”

For Olaf Scholz, his arrival was also announced and shown as the Pope in the picture, and the script provides a different narrative from the loser.

Kavithor is full of praise for this Social Democratic Party-Candidate, he can “sit back and watch” the election. Schultz denied. Weiss accused him of just trying to “sit back and watch” the election. Schultz said no. Weize asked slyly if Schultz would “sit down” Angela Merkel learnt. Schultz shook his head. Weizer insisted on summarizing: “Sit down, you learned from Angela Merkel, sit down on the content.”

It’s really hard.

Scholz’s trap doesn’t like sudden closure

Schultz was also allowed to use the German flag to do some patriotic things. He raised the flag high and talked about German history. It is wise that it takes too long and opens its trap: “Would you rather pick it up than the red flag?”

The trap didn’t want to close, so Weatherer begged: “To once Emotionally. What are your thoughts on our national flag? What are your thoughts? «. The only thing missing is whether Schultz will get goose bumps when playing the national anthem. Then she came: “Goose bumps when playing the national anthem?”

The simplified machine on the boulevard also means that everything must be the culprit. Flood, pandemic, Afghanistan, everything. Scholz looked back: “You want to ask sharp questions here, and then you have to endure hard answers. Your question is wrong.”

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