One of the best Christian suspense books in 2022 is Matt’s Revelation…

One of the best Christian suspense books in 2022 is Matt’s Revelation…


New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – July 23, 2022) – Author Timothy Brown continues to redefine the genre of Christian suspense with his harrowing social thriller. Matt’s revelation. With a complex world order and a nefarious plan to eradicate religion, Brown’s work is an outstanding novel that questions the true nature of conformity, oppression and power.

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Matt’s revelation follows the life of Matthew Kemp, a model New World citizen who supports the Elite Society Watchers’ plan to eliminate all religions. While working as a reporter for the country’s largest news agency, Kemp secretly works to identify hidden resistance networks. All citizens are tracked by implanted computer chips, making hiding almost impossible. He soon begins a journey as a Romer reporter to find and expose those who don’t conform. Through a series of unfortunate events, he is saved and supported by the very people he is looking for. He soon finds out his enemy is his friend which leads to Matt’s revelation.

Fans of Tim LaHaye’s “Left Behind” series will appreciate the biblical themes and Brown’s unique perspective on the book of Revelation, religious persecution and whether the mark of the beast could be a man-made technology. Unlike other books that speculate about the end times mentioned in Scripture, Matt’s revelation combines ancient stories with modern events such as the development of implantable chips.

Brown hopes his work inspires others to think a little differently and see the world from a new perspective. reviewers applaud Matt’s revelation for its “suspenseful ending” and ability to maintain a sense of suspense throughout the story.

Matt’s revelation is available for purchase or where books are sold. The book trailer can be viewed here: Matt’s Revelation by Timothy Brown

Timothy Brown is an author, machinist and assistant manager in the automobile manufacturing sector. He…


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