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OnlyFans Pen sends Twitter messages to its adult content creators

  • In a policy change that prohibits sexually explicit content, OnlyFans has released support for sex work.
  • According to reports, the company announced last week to update its brand image to make it more attractive to outside investors.
  • Sex workers who were alienated from this decision expressed their anger and intention to leave the platform.

OnlyFans posted a message to its adult content creators on Twitter on Saturday, reiterating its support for sex work after the company banned pornography.

The company’s news directly stated that the policy change is “necessary” for the company’s financial needs, but it will work to develop “solutions” for content creators affected by this move.

Last week, the content subscription service announced from October 1st It will stop hosting “pornographic content” types This initially made the company popular with more than 100 million registered users.The ban includes “Actual or simulated” examples of masturbation and sexual behavior, But not naked.

This change aims to discourage illegal content, such as minor ratings and videos showing sex traders.However, it is believed that the site’s NSFW content also discourages potential investors.

This week, sex workers operating on the app as content creators expressed their dissatisfaction with the company, and some said they would Stay away from OnlyFans and create content on other platforms.

“The feeling I currently get from other creators I know is anger and confusion,” adult content creator Chelsea Lynn told Insider last week. “Sex work established OnlyFans, and now it feels like they are abandoning us.”

Jane WildeA sex worker who mainly earns income through OnlyFans also told Insider that she was frustrated that OnlyFans made a statement to the media before consulting its content creators.

OnlyFans could not be reached for comment.

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