Oops! Donald Trump Jr. accidentally toasts his father instead of…

Oops! Donald Trump Jr. accidentally toasts his father instead of…


In an attempt to criticize the Florida governor Ron DeSantis chaotic entry into the Republican primary, donald trumpInstead, his son inadvertently insulted his father.

What happened: Donald Trump Jr., who was about to punch DeSantis after Florida declared his Running for a Twitter launch marred by technical issues, He ended up swapping his father’s name with that of his 2024 opponent.

The incident happened when Trump’s eldest son scolded DeSantis’ Launch of the Twitter Spaces campaign, which he described as a “disaster.” Donald Jr. criticized DeSantis for what he felt was “basically reading an editorial about what he would do.”

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In a somewhat tongue-in-cheek twist, Donald Jr. appeared to unintentionally muddle his own words shortly after beginning his speech criticizing DeSanti’s “failed launch.” “Once you get the facts out there, I think a different picture will emerge…Trump has the charisma of an undertaker and the energy that makes Jeb Bush look like an Olympian.”

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He paused briefly after the mix-up, but continued to criticize DeSantis, accusing him of being a flip-flopper who keeps dodging Questions about his stance on the Ukraine war.

The ex-president’s son said his father’s opponent had a “nasty and effeminate voice” and claimed “it was so bad.”

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