Option Circle Launches First Social Platform Where Expert Options…

Option Circle Launches First Social Platform Where Expert Options…


OptionCircle.com offers options traders an exclusive community to learn, network and earn

Trading Circle, Inc. today announced the launch of options circle, the world’s first social platform where all options traders can create their own network, get real-time views from experienced traders, and learn how to trade like an experienced trader or institutional investor. Option Circle is a truly robust non-brokerage platform that educates and assists retail investors with easy-to-use research, tools, tournaments, real-time option chains, sweep data, unusual options trade detection, sector heatmaps, jump option recommendations/post-earnings analysis and more . Option Circle is free for any options trader and allows traders to share strategies with one another in an open forum. Merchants can also opt for a subscription Option Circle Platinum Club, a community of elite options traders who interact, educate themselves and earn. Through these unique offerings, Option Circle offers traders a new way to leverage in the ever-evolving and crowded marketplace.

“We are excited to introduce Option Circle as the leading social platform for options traders looking to gather expertise and convert it into optimal returns,” said Shishu Bedi, Chief Executive Officer, Trading Circle, Inc. “This is an incredible opportunity to democratize Enter the field of options trading with a new way to network, optimize alpha, and have fun learning options trading.”

Option Circle includes several notable features, including:

  • Trading tools to help traders choose a strategy
  • Unlimited paper trading to practice before wagering real money
  • Options trading tournaments with awards and certificates
  • Opportunity to learn and increase returns by leveraging experts’ previously secret strategies

A partner of the NASDAQ and the NYSE, Option Circle presents a comprehensive platform for beginner, intermediate and even advanced traders to learn and trade options…


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