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Organizers in Texas are working to expand the use of emergency contraceptives

“College students are usually not ready to become parents, and they may rely on more sexual health resources to ensure that they do not get pregnant by accident,” Srikant said.

Texas A&M students started free Aggies in the spring of 2020 after realizing that COVID-19 restrictions would interfere with people’s access to sexual health products. Srikanth said that the plan and its services are very popular in the community, and the organization has not encountered any backlash so far.

Free Aggies and Emergency contraception in each campus (EC4EC), A project of the American Emergency Contraception Association. EC4EC works with university campuses to share information, support and strategies on emergency contraception.

The organization encourages peer-to-peer services, such as those provided by FREE Aggies, because they can help students avoid obstacles and judgments. EC4EC guarantees that participating organizations will carry out these services in a cautious and confidential manner.

Texas is also working to increase access to emergency contraceptives and other sexual health resources, which is also happening outside of college campuses.

Establishment of sex worker Makayla Montoya Frazier Deduct the rabbit fund In April 2020, after Governor Greg Abbott considered abortion a non-essential procedure and temporarily banned abortion due to COVID-19. The organization focuses on funding abortion clinics and providing money and transportation to those seeking abortions, and now collects emergency contraceptives and pregnancy tests for Texas residents who have taken additional precautions due to Senate Bill 8.

Kat Smith, a volunteer at the Buckle Bunnies Fund, Tell USA Today People are worried that they will not detect their pregnancy before the sixth week, so they will have weekly check-ups and additional contraceptive measures-this can become expensive because the price of emergency contraceptives may be $30 To 65 US dollars, and the cost of a pregnancy test at home is about 15 US dollars per person.

On September 17, the federal government announced that it would provide additional funds for Every body in Texas, The statewide administrator of a federal Title X funding program that provides family planning and reproductive health services to low-income patients.

The federal government has also launched a new funding program called funding to address the urgent need for family planning services. The plan will allow any entity across the country, regardless of whether it has received Title X funding, to apply for and receive additional funding to provide reproductive and family planning services to patients affected by Senate Bill 8. Through this plan, the federal government hopes to grant 10 grants ranging from US$150,000 to US$1.5 million by the end of this year.

To ensure that people across Texas continue to have access to emergency contraceptives and other sexual health resources, organizations such as FREE Aggies and Buckle Bunnies Fund are increasing their publicity through social media. EC4EC also helps university campuses install sexual health vending machine Therefore, students and community members have a confidential, low-cost way to obtain sexual health products.

“We want to help improve access [to] The sexual and reproductive health resources in the region also provide a safe place for people to make important health decisions for themselves,” Srikant said.

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