OutsourceAccelerator.com Officially Acquires Modernesse.com, Welcomes…

OutsourceAccelerator.com Officially Acquires Modernesse.com, Welcomes…


OutsourceAccelerator.com, the leading outsourcing authority, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Modernesse.com and welcomes all loyal readers. This site currently has over 5000 articles and 350 podcasts focused on outsourcing, workspaces, business transformation and more. Outsource Accelerator is the expert for the implementation of business process outsourcing. The website has an extensive directory of more than 3000 BPO companies. All of this helps companies learn more about the process and get involved. OA has helped several companies build and operate offshore teams. Their customers come from different niches with an employee base of 20-500.

Outsource Accelerator is the expert in helping companies transform through outsourcing.

Derek Gallimore, Founder and CEO of Outsource accelerator have now been in business for more than two decades, seven years of which in outsourcing alone. With significant offices in Manila, Philippines, Derek has worked and lived in five different countries and traveled the world educating companies on how outsourcing can be the biggest game changer for their operations. There are many myths surrounding outsourcing, but Derek believes that outsourcing can be a positive force that can democratize, generate and create many opportunities.

From a business perspective, outsourcing can be a cost-effective way to expand into new global markets, thereby increasing opportunities and revenues. The revenue generated in this way can be used to offer customers better services or products. Outsourcing allows multinationals to focus on higher value contributions while outsourcing less skilled functions to centers where costs are extremely low. Not to forget the growing opportunities that this process offers to people in developing countries. It is not only a process by which companies try to reduce costs, but also a way to distribute wealth equally among all nations.

Not only the large corporations benefit from this…

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