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Over time, COVID-19 has become a Republican epidemic

So yes, at this point, the COVID-19 pandemic is an ideologically driven pandemic. In areas controlled by the Republican Party, the hospital system is failing, full of Republican voters who died of diseases spread by other Republicans. As part of their identity, they chose to laugh at those who would make them move more safely. Because the virus itself does not distinguish between hosts, it is not only conservatives who get sick and die. However, there is no doubt that the place where most people get sick and die is often the place where Republicans vote for office.

Go to figure it out.

As for why In these results, the vast majority of the media are not even willing to discuss these issues in depth, even though experts and non-experts are thinking about how to persuade people who are hesitant about vaccines to join the ranks of other parts of the country and strive to survive. In Washington post, Aaron Blake provided some background information For that.In short, unvaccinated Republicans definitely have Bizarre They did not get any belief about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Republicans who have not been vaccinated believe that if they contract COVID-19, the chance of being hospitalized is about 5%. but It is also believed that the chance of vaccinated Americans eventually being hospitalized is also 5%.

This is not even close to reality-in fact, it is reversed. Vaccination can reduce the risk of hospitalization to a fraction of that of unvaccinated. This is the whole point of vaccines. The unvaccinated Republicans, well, “somehow” got the idea that the vaccine would not do anything at all.

What we saw in the polls remains consistent. The current Republican Party believes that masks are ineffective, vaccines are ineffective, and the danger of COVID-19 is exaggerated from the beginning, so why bother.

Now, here are most news reports about how this strange misunderstanding of the most basic facts of the pandemic happened… gradually disappearing. However, with the basic known facts about the deadly epidemic, would Americans with Republican leanings be so strangely misled? Is this a new trend of aversion to government liberalism? Are we now living in an upside-down world of information? Did the public health experts fail to perform their duties?Do the vaccine deniers feel insult Know all these facts through these days? How is this going? It’s all very complicated, and–

Do not. No, it is not complicated at all.

These concepts rooted in the foundation of the Republican Party, from theories about the ineffectiveness of masks and vaccines to their so-called “hidden dangers”, to the general neglect of the dangers of the deadly global pandemic, can be summed up as Fox News evening shows. Timeline. You are looking for how America’s staunchest conservatives can unite behind the same core false claims and scientific denialism?Check Fox News during prime time and you will see it propped up on the screen behind the angry host Just ask questions In fact, is it possible that all governments and experts in the world unite to lie to conservatives for certain things. It has been happening for more than a year, like a clockwork.

As for how misinformation about the pandemic has become a special concern for Fox News and other “conservative” authorities, it does not require much sorting. None of them are hidden.

• An incompetent real estate developer was promoted to president, surrounded by equally unqualified loyal responses, and suddenly found himself responsible for managing the government in a global crisis.

• Without knowing what to do or how to achieve it, the lifelong hawker declares that the crisis has been exaggerated, so any actions he finds he cannot accomplish are unnecessary.

• A movement celebrating the man’s rejoicing racism and authoritarian instincts captured these statements. They themselves declared that the epidemic was not serious, and their leader’s inaction was actually evidence of his genius.

• These statements are widely disseminated by Fox News and other media of the movement.

• Slap me with a spoon and call me pudding. It turns out that ruthlessly spreading ideological lies within a year and a half can cause political foundations to believe these things in every fiber of theirs.

• These people are now sick and dying because of these broadcasts. It will continue until broadcasters give up misinformation, until such a significant proportion of believers have died, leading to a large-scale reassessment of false claims, or until believers struggle to achieve “natural” herd immunity.

Well, there is the entire pandemic flow chart-incompetence; denial; misinformation; result.

The COVID-19 pandemic is now a partisan disease in this country. It spreads mainly through Republican counties and mainly infects Republicans and their direct contacts. Hospitals in most Republican areas are filled with most Republican patients. This is the direct consequence of the Fox News host lying to the United States about vaccines, masks, social distancing, the danger of disease, and public health officials trying to keep Americans alive. This is intentional. This is specific.

Things are still going on, because the Murdoch family, the Fox News board, and the people who work on each of Fox News’s primetime shows are really vicious people. They don’t care how many Americans are deceived by their dubious reasons. Epidemic suicide conservative incompetence.

And this situation continues, because Republican governors, mayors, and other public officials are often committed to supporting conservative pandemic novels, rather than challenging the current absolute bubble base, and they insist that these novels are true.

So here we are.

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