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Paul Zimiak accused Olaf Schultz of “election deception”

Secretary General of the CDU Paul Zimck Throw Social Democratic Party-Prime Minister candidate Olaf Schultz stated that he did not clearly declare an alliance with the left. “He is a political cone player,” Ziemiak said on “Bild TV.”

exist A round of questions from the presidential candidates of the labor union and the Social Democratic Party On Photo Television, Schultz was asked on Sunday whether he would rule out an alliance with the left. Schultz avoided this question. The current Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister stated that, first of all, voters must make a decision. But there are clear criteria for forming a new government.Schultz uses his commitment to the Western defense alliance as an example Then, A close transatlantic partnership, a strong European Union, sound finances and a focus on internal security.

“In all due respect Olaf SchultzBut that is political nonsense. He pretended that he only entered politics yesterday, read a little newspaper, and now he found out what kind of political party the left is,” Zimiak commented. “That is a deception to voters! “The Secretary-General affirmed: “Olav Schultz is certainly willing to cooperate with the left. “At the same time, Zimiak firmly believes that we cannot govern responsibly with the left.

“Schultz talked with people to get them in, that is, to make him speak. Then they were exploited by cooperating with the left party to establish a left-wing republic. This is the plan. Saskia EskenThis is what Olaf Schultz wants now. “Zimiak continued: “We can’t allow that. This is the meaning of this federal election.” “

In fact, according to the latest opinion poll conducted for SPIEGEL by Civey, a polling agency, political parties are getting closer and closer in voter preferences. Although the union lost in the polls, the Social Democrats continued to win. She recently reached 20%, which is similar to the Green Party. Therefore, the red-red-green alliance is entering the realm of possibilities in a purely digital way.

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