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Pension: Applying for exemption from contributions-economy

Self-employed workers registered with INPS can apply to take advantage of the partial exemption due in 2021, and can apply from tomorrow, August 25 to September 30. Therefore, the implementation of the US$2.5 billion measures introduced in the budget law this year (and amended by the subsequent Sostegni decree in February) also involves professionals registered in private pension funds; Inps reports that these applications must ” “Repost through different models available to each manager.” Please note that the exemption “must be applied to only one social security agency and only applies to one form of compulsory social security.” The maximum “cap” of the relief is equal to 3,000 euros, which is for self-employed workers who have received an income equal to or less than 50,000 euros from work in 2019 and have suffered pain due to the pandemic. Compared with 2019, the turnover in 2020 will decrease by no less than 33%.

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