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Pensions: The German Institute of Economics once again calls for retirement at the age of 70

Employer-oriented institute German economy (IW) There is a higher retirement age Suggest. »As the standard retirement age continues to increase from 2052 to 70 years old, contributions can be increased […] Slow down and stabilize the safety level at the same time,” a brief report from the Institute said.

Mentioned the possibility of increasing the retirement age by two months each year from 2031. As people’s life expectancy increases, this is reasonable. The problem is that in the long run, too many recipients face too few contributors.

A few years ago, IW required retirement at the age of 70, and now it supports this position through new model calculations.The scientific advisory board of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs recently raised the retirement age Proposed 68 years by 2042In the alliance and Social Democratic Party But it was rejected.

Lashet refuses to raise the retirement age

“The pension system needs a certain degree of reliability,” said the coalition prime minister candidate Armin Raschelt. Obviously, “at some point we may have to consider changing working hours”-we are currently retiring at 67.

However, from the perspective of information warfare, the advisory committee’s proposal is far from enough. “68 is not enough,” the short report said. Study author Jochen Pimpertz mentioned other EU countries: Denmark From 2030, the 68-year-old age limit will apply, and in the Netherlands, the 67-year-old retirement age has become a reality today. “In addition, as life expectancy continues to increase, both countries have adjusted their retirement ages in accordance with regulations.”

in Germany By 2029, the retirement age will gradually increase from 65 to 67.This is a great achievement made by the Federal Government and the then Social Democratic Party Labor Minister Franz Mintfulin Raschelt said that he has always decided to retire at 67. Raschelt said that the new federal government is faced with the task of ensuring the post-2030 pension system.

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