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People on the British no-fly watch list enter the country on an Afghan evacuation flight-Report — RT UK News

According to Sky News, a person on the British counter-terrorism watch list has entered the country on a flight from Afghanistan. The person was later cleared, but officials are still worried about potential security breaches.

Sky News quoted details of a briefing by ministers and officials to members of Parliament on Monday that the person whose identity was kept secret by the government arrived in Birmingham on a British military plane.According to Sky, the ministers were told to arrive “overnight.”

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A spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior told Sky TV later on Monday that the person’s case has been analyzed and they are no longer “Related People” To the authorities. In any case, the authorities are unable to repatriate them because the Taliban took over Afghanistan last week, and flights to Afghanistan have been suspended.

According to reports, opposition lawmakers were shocked by the apparent security breach, especially after the local British army in Kabul reported a surge in Afghans trying to leave the country with forged documents and passports. However, according to reports, government officials stated that the fact that the person was identified indicates that the no-fly watch list is working.

The other four people on the list have been prevented from leaving Kabul Airport, a news that caused some consternation among British conservatives.

According to the Ministry of Defence, approximately 4,000 Afghan interpreters, staff and their families have been Fly to the UK In the past week.Armed Forces Minister James Shipper told the BBC on Monday that there are still 1,800 British passport holders and 2,275 Afghans still waiting for flights to the UK, adding that there are more Afghan refugees from Afghanistan. “Broader Afghan Civil Society” Will be flown out “If we can,” And other people coming by land will be helped to immigrate to the UK “second stage” Resettlement after withdrawal.

During the massive evacuation of the British and Afghans, Heappey warned “People are trying to use this process to enter the UK to cause harm to us.” But the government insisted “A thorough inspection is underway,” Sky report.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the information from officials is similar.As US President Joe Biden and his government Understatement Threats posed by terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Biden solve On Sunday afternoon, the country said that Afghan interpreters and staff working with the U.S. military, as well as an unknown number “The Fragile Afghan” Will fly to bases in multiple countries, undergo security screening, and then resettle in the United States.

Nevertheless, Biden also admitted that the chaotic evacuation presents a situation “Terrorists may seek to exploit it.”

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