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Pet food manufacturer Rawgeous sponsors champions at Crufts

Rawgeous Pet Food is sponsoring World Dog Agility Champion, Katrina Hands and her son Blair for Crufts.

This year the international dog show will take place from 9 to 12 March and both Hands and Blair are participating with their dogs, Sizzle and Rapid.

This time, though, something is different: Hands has managed to strike a partnership with pet food manufacturer Rawgeneous, which provides raw food meals for dogs.

Hands believes that changing her dogs’ diet has helped to fuel their performance and helps to keep them fit and healthy. In the past she was not happy with the different types of dry food her dogs were eating and decided to look into raw alternatives.

She then found Rawgeous and decided to stick with the company for a variety of reasons, including the several tests the company does on each batch of food to ensure it’s safe, the ethically sourcing of the ingredients and the fact that they’re a family company , just like her and Blair. In addition, Rawgeous only uses sustainable biodegradable packaging instead of plastic, which Hands wanted to avoid.

As well as providing food for the sponsored dogs, Rawgeous Pet Food will also provide polo shirts and a jacket to wear with the company’s logo on it for the competing pair which they wear at competitions. A further 30% discount code can be passed onto other dog owners who want to try raw food recipes for their dogs.

Commenting on the sponsorship deal, Rawgeous co-founder Lorraine Sweeney said: “We are absolutely delighted to be sponsoring Katrina and Blair and to see them doing so well in the dog agility world. They are an example of the old adage that when it comes to pet nutrition, what you put into a dog you get out of it in terms of health, vitality and wellbeing. It is fantastic that all the dogs are performing so well on the Rawgeous food.”

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