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Pets at Home’s profit in the first half of the year increased to 70.2 million pounds

Pets in the house It has been revealed that during the 28-week period ending October 7 2021, Profit before tax increased by 77.2% to 70.2 million pounds from 39.6 million pounds in the previous year.

The group’s total revenue increased by 18% to 677.6 million pounds from 574.4 million pounds in 2020, thanks to the continuous increase in active customers.

At the same time, retail sales increased by 21.9% year-on-year, of which online sale Continued to flourish, an increase of 21.5%.

Looking ahead, the retailer stated that it now sees a way to achieve £2.3 billion in customer revenue through its business in the medium term, and expects to report a “higher” full-year profit of between £128 million and £135 million. between.

Group CEO Peter Pritchard said: “Our pet care strategy continues to be effective. We continue to occupy market share and increase the expenditures of each customer. Our investment in production capacity and capacity has brought about The gains are really starting to play a role.

“Despite some recent industry-wide challenges, we continue to grow ahead of our plans, and based on the trading year to date, we are expected to achieve record sales and profit growth years.”

He added: “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all our colleagues and partners in the entire group for their unremitting efforts and dedication.”

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