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Pfizer has submitted vaccine trial data for children under 12 years of age.The next step is decided by the FDA

As with adult vaccines, the dose given to children is two injections 21 days apart. Although there will be some immune response within a few days after the first injection, the benefits of full vaccination will not be obtained until a period of time after the second injection. Therefore, many children are unlikely to enjoy peak protection before Thanksgiving.

However, assuming that the EUA is released in October and the pediatric vaccines start to be promoted nationwide soon, there should be good availability before the new year. This leaves the possibility that as the school brings back students from the January holiday, the need for vaccines may be common for students from kindergarten to university.

Currently, CDC recommends against compulsory vaccination in schools. However, the main reason is that many schools-especially those in smaller rural areas-serve students under 12 in the same building as older students. After EUA for children under 5 years of age, this barrier will disappear and universal vaccination can be easily added to CDC recommendations.

At the same time, the CDC does recommend universal vaccination for faculty and staff, and recommends that students and staff generally wear masks. Recent CDC research It has been shown that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, schools requiring masks are unlikely to be closed, communities associated with these schools are unlikely to be affected by community transmission, and the infection rate and hospitalization rate of students have decreased.

Unfortunately, the list of schools that need to wear masks is limited, especially because multiple Republican governors tried to prevent the school board from taking this step to protect students.Similarly, the List of universities that currently require a COVID-19 vaccine Some sharp geographic boundaries are shown to all students. Although there are dozens of such schools in many states, there are none in Idaho or Arkansas. Or Kansas, or North Dakota, or South Dakota, or Wyoming. In other states, such as Florida, only one or two schools need to be vaccinated.

There is really no reason for universities not to require COVID-19 vaccination—especially because almost all of these schools require vaccinations for six or more other diseases. However, if the EUA is issued and the CDC revises their guidelines, it may start a wave of vaccination in schools starting from elementary school.

Fighting diseases such as mumps or measles requires very high levels of vaccination. The same is true for COVID-19. This level of vaccination can only be achieved if children are included in the vaccinated team.Vaccination of children is one of them Model suggestion It can help the United States avoid another “winter peak” in cases and maintain a downward trend, ultimately bringing the disease under control.

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