Phase 2 Psilocybin Therapy Trial for Patients With Treatment-Resistant…

Phase 2 Psilocybin Therapy Trial for Patients With Treatment-Resistant…


cannabis company Creso Pharma COPHF‘s wholly owned Psychedelics subsidiary Halucenex Life Sciences Inc. shared promising early insights into its progress Phase 2 clinical study Evaluating the Efficacy of Psilocybin in Treatment-Resistant PTSD.

The single-arm, open-lab study is testing the effectiveness of Halucenex synthetic psilocybin aqueous solution, Lucenex, in both 10 mg and 25 mg formats in 20 patients with severe PTSD symptoms.

The psychedelic is administered in separate sessions in a microdose and macrodose format.

Measured severe PTSD symptoms are depression and anxiety. Other measures include sleep time, addiction severity, suicidal ideation, general psychological symptoms such as pain and interpersonal relationships, general functioning, ability to work, and physiological measures such as weight and blood pressure.

Of the overall participants, two patients have received both 10mg and 25mg subsequent doses to date, showing no side effects and highlighting particularly promising results: Two doses of psilocybin a week apart resulted in a significant decrease (40% after the first dose). Symptoms associated with severe, treatment-resistant PTSD.

In addition, the second macrodose resulted in an immediate decrease and complete remission (95% on average) in PTSD-related symptoms: patients had zero symptoms of PTSD at one month post-macrodose and a further 75% reduction in symptoms at three months

In particular, severe depressive symptoms abruptly ceased after the macrodose, maintaining her remission into the third month. Severe anxiety was reduced by 50% immediately after the macrodose in one case and by 100% in the other, and three months later minimal or remission scores were still evident.

Other findings include notable improvements in total sleep time, reduced cravings and needs for THC during the day and for sleep, significant improvements in blood pressure, and social improvements in interpersonal relationships, all through the three…


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