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Piddle Patch secures £50k investment from TV Dragon Steven Bartlett

Piddle Patch, an eco-friendly real grass choose The company has secured a £50,000 investment from entrepreneur Steven Bartlett in Dragon’s Den on BBC One after rejecting three dragons.

In the deal, the brand handed over a 20% stake in founder Rebecca Sloan’s company in exchange for his investment.

Piddle Patch says it’s an “intuitive way” to train dogs to only toilet on grass, not textiles. This helps reduce domestic accidents and speeds up the home training process.

According to the company, it’s an “ideal solution” for potty training puppies, for dogs who don’t have easy access to outdoor spaces, or for owners who care for pets that are ill or incontinent.

To date, Piddle Patch has sold 13,000 soilless, real grass, dog toilets in the UK.

This brand of grass is 100% biodegradable and its packaging can be recycled.

Sloan said: “The inspiration for the Piddle Patch came from visiting a park. These dogs are happy to be in their natural environment and the stress associated with toilet time is gone because they instinctively know where to do business.

“Steven’s investment will allow us to fast-track Piddle Patch’s growth and launch developing. Steven’s advice, guidance, social media and marketing expertise will be invaluable and I am delighted to be working with him.”

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