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Plaques Tenco, Bersani, Madame and other winners-Music

Samuele Bersani, Madame, Peppe Voltarelli, Fratelli Mancuso, Enrico Botta and Dario Faini co-created with Francesca Calearo (Madame), and the “For example, we like Rino” project are the winners of Targhe Tenco 2021. This is the right The award is given to the best Italian songwriting record released in the past year. The artists and recording projects were voted by the largest jury of journalists and music critics in Italy. Singer-songwriter Samuele Bersani won the Targa Tenco’s best album ever award with 71 votes for his album Cinema Samuele (Sony Music Italia). Voice (Sugarmusic) composed by Enrico Botta, Francesca Calearo (Madame) and Dario Faini and sung by Madame won the highest number of votes (55) and won the best song award. We remember that the author of this song is the author of the song. Not for interpreters. For the Opera Prima part, Madame has won 64 preferences with the album Madame (Sugarmusic). Planetario (Squilibri Editore) by Peppe Voltarelli is the most popular album in the song translation category (77 votes). Among the best albums in dialects, the most popular works are the works of Mancuso Brothers (51 votes) and Manzamà (edited by Imilibri). The collective album of the Targa Tenco Project has received greater praise. For example, we like Rino (Isola Tobia Label), which has 52 votes. These plaques will be delivered in the 2021 edition of the “Author’s Song Review” (Tenco Award), which is scheduled to be held at the Ariston Theater in San Remo in October.

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