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Playbyte is like TikTok, wasting time playing amateur games

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A new app called Playbyte hopes to clone TikTok’s vertical scrolling experience to make it easier to discover simple, user-developed 2D games.

The app was recently launched on iOS. It provides a vertical scrolling interface, almost the same as TikTok’s interface. There are “like” and “comment” buttons on the right side, and the ability to start a full-screen feed is added, where you can actually test drive You are rolling over the game.according to TechCrunchLike TikTok, this feed is algorithmically designed and becomes more in line with your preferences over time. This means that the more you interact with them, the more likely games that appear to meet your preferences.

To be sure, Playbyte’s products are basic, so don’t expect PlayStation 5 level graphics or gameplay soon. In fact, it might be better to be prepared for the most primitive gaming experience imaginable, because most of the creations on Playbyte are cowboy hat emojis to avoid some style changes of falling blocks. In fact, start from scratch: these games are weird, so you may not be prepared for their surrealism.

Scrolling on Playbyte is like entering that strange place YouTube Wormhole The videos that people made looked and sounded like they were for children, but then Elsa began to speak in an inexplicable hoarse voice and pulled out a cartoon machete. Because all games are user-generated, and probably because Playbyte has just launched it, it’s not clear to what extent the content has actually been censored. In practice, this means that the standard fare for the app so far has been emoji-based games, where users can navigate mazes at most to pass “levels,” and the worst is to simulate bank robbery and murder scenarios.

“Game” example on Playbyte.
Screenshot: Play with bytes

Playbyte has always deliberately configured it, not only setting itself as a game development platform, but also setting itself as a social media space where users can follow and support each other, and can also trade game assets and custom logic. This means that assets can be easily recycled by other creators, resulting in gameplay that feels both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

“Basically, we want to make those who are not so ambitious still feel like they are productive and creative game makers,” CEO Kyle Russell told TechCrunch. “The point is that if you have an idea—such as a game image in your head—you should be able to search for new assets or piece together other previously saved assets very quickly. Then just put them in and mix and match—almost It’s like Lego bricks—and build 90% of what you imagine, without you having to do any further configuration.”

Ultimately, Playbyte hopes to monetize its feed with the help of a sponsorship model and some form of brand advertising, but these developments still have a long way to go. Currently, the app is just a strange little pioneer in the field of video games. It tries to do what Instagram does for photos and TikTok for videos for games.

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