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Polish swimmers are angry after being sent home from the Tokyo Olympics after unfortunate officials sent too many athletes-RT Sport News

Polish swimming officials realized that they had sent too many athletes to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, causing 6 of them to have to go home because of their mistakes, they were competing for the gold medal.

23 Polish swimmers packed their bags and headed to Tokyo in hopes of pursuing Olympic glory, but they were announced by the President of the National Swimming Federation (PZP) that according to the government’s qualifying rules, the number would need to be reduced to 17 FINA.

“I am very sorry, sad and bitter about the situation related to our swimmers qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics,” The head of PZP, Pawel Slominsk, said Humble apology Six unfortunate stars.

“Such a situation should not happen. The reaction of the swimmers, their emotions, and the attack on the Polish Swimming Federation is understandable and reasonable to me.”

Slovinsk attributed the error to “I hope that as many athletes and coaches as possible will participate in the Olympics.”

Instead, the officials succeeded in smashing the hopes of a six-man swimmer group, and the unfortunate group was named Alicja Tchorz, Bartosz Piszczorowicz, Aleksandra Polanska, Mateusz Chowaniec, Dominika Kossakowska and Jan Holub.

Tchorz, who has participated in the previous two Olympic Games, vented her anger on social media.

“Imagine dedicating your five-year life to the most important sporting event and trying to start again…giving up your private life and work, sacrificing your family…your dedication will lead to Completely failed,” For 28 year olds Facebook.

“Six days before the finale, it turns out that your dream is due to the incompetence of a third party. It is difficult to organize your thoughts, and there are still a few hours to pack your suitcase.”

Just a few days ago, Tchorz shared an exciting post on social media detailing how she took the oath and looked forward to the future of Tokyo.

Her anger at the development was echoed by her teammate Chowaniec, who was also angry on Instagram.

“I am deeply shocked by what happened…” The swimmer wrote.

“This is a ridiculous situation for me, and it shouldn’t have happened. In fact, I hope I can finally wake up from this nightmare.”

Both Chowaniec and Tchorz sent an open letter to the Polish swimming authorities requesting the resignation of the entire PZP board of directors.

“The actions of the association led to an unprecedented event in the history of Polish sports,” Reading this letter, it is reported Swimming net.

“In addition, Polish swimming-both in the eyes of the public and potential sponsors-has been exposed as a laughing stock, which will have a clear impact on all the participants who compete in white and red every day.”

The Tokyo Aquatic Center swimming pool activities will begin on Saturday, the second day of the Olympic Games.

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