Advances in papermaking machinery are expanding the scope of sustainable and compostable packaging solutions for the end-use industry. Then manufacturer in the Polycoated Paper Market introduce biodegradable polymers to develop eco-friendly products. The Poly Coated Paper Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.4% during the forecast period 2021-2031.

Poly-coated paper manufacturers are focused on making the supply chain sustainable by digitally transforming their operations. In particular, a robust and resilient chain enables them to reduce lead times and manage the disruptions in the value chain that includes raw material suppliers and packaging companies in the Polycoated Paper market. In addition, technologically advanced paper machines have helped reduce the environmental footprint of paper packaging processes, expanding sales potential for years to come.

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Steady demand for paper-based packaging for pharmaceutical and food industries will open additional opportunities for market participants during the forecast period. Other End Use Industries in Poly Coated Paper Market are Consumer Goods, Agriculture & Personal Care & cosmetics industry.

Key Findings of the Poly Coated Paper Market Study

Polyolefin Polymer Gathering Force for Coating Applications: polyolefin Polymers were the most used materials and the segment contributed 81.1% to the market share in 2021 according to the TMR study of the poly-coated paper market. The ease of procurement and versatility of use of the polymer has fueled ample revenue streams over the years.

Extensive research and development in sustainable solutions that advance the use of biodegradable polymers: Biodegradable polymers are gaining popularity as a sustainable food packaging solution in the poly-coated paper market. Demand for the product segment is expected to…


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