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Poly Network reports that all its hacked assets have been returned

According to Poly Network, the picture of the article titled

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Looks like a hacker Behind Poly Network Historic robbery already Changed my mind.Encryption platform In a confirmation Company blog post Who was the anonymous hacker (or hacker) on Monday Steal successfully Approximately $610 million in crypto assets comes from Its platform finally handed over the last part of their ill-gotten wealth.

The company wrote: “At this time, all user assets transferred out during the incident have been fully recovered,” adding that it has “successfully recovered” the last rough asset. $141 million In the tokens earlier today.Poly also thanked “Mr. White Hat”-its name Hackers-cooperation with the company so far.Earlier this month, anonymous exploiters wrote In the public “Ask Me Anything” Company meeting They have always intended to return millions of dollars in assets, and they hope Poly”[learned] Things from those attacks. ”

When asked why they carried out the robbery in the first place, they simply answered “for fun” with a smile on their faces, just like a person.

For Poly, things are arguably not that interesting. It promised hackers a reward of $50,000—not to mention Literal work In the company-in exchange for $200 million in assets earlier this month.This is the most important Previous $500,000 offer The hacker has refused, insisting that it is best to donate it to a “technical community that contributes to blockchain security.”

TonThe company stated in its blog post it Has “formally started” the process of returning most of the funds to affected users-excluding approximately $33 million in Tether Currently frozen The cryptocurrency provider was frozen shortly after being hacked. Poly assured users that Tether is “confirming the final unfreezing process with us.” After that, all stolen assets will be recirculated, Poly users will resume trading, and the entire legend will officially end. When it happens, I hope all relevant personnel will take their safety more seriously.

Poly Network Confirm to CNBC They will not hold Mr. White Hat legally responsible, even if they conducted what is arguably the biggest crypto scam in history. The $610 million in stolen assets exceeds the two other major cases we have seen recently, including Approximately 535 million U.S. dollars From the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck and USD 450 million It was stolen before Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy in 2014.

However, unlike each of these cases, Poly was fortunately attacked by a hacker who was less interested in making money, but more interested in having fun. 🙂

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