Protera announces more information on its managed IT services

Protera announces more information on its managed IT services


Lately, Pillir published an article describing thirteen factors to consider when choosing the optimal SAP platform for rapid application development. The purpose of this article is to support companies considering a move to SAP.

The guide provides useful information for anyone facing the challenge of rapid SAP application development, which can be very effective when implemented correctly. The main problem is that most people are unaware of the benefits of this new technology platform.

This latest guide from Pillir provides SAP companies with in-depth information to help them understand the key factors to consider when making the decision to rapid SAP application development.

According to Pillir, this accessible, easy-to-follow guide provides all the information needed to fully understand the subject and get the results you want.

The full guide covers topics such as visual mockup development, which involves finding skilled developers – something that’s typically difficult during the current IT skills shortage. A low-code RAD platform with visual modeling reduces complexity, saves time, and empowers teams of any cloud development experience to build applications that deliver the functionality and performance they need.

It also includes the post-development phase, which typically involves the manual and time-consuming deployment of an application across landscapes in conjunction with the SAP environment. Individuals are able to automate application deployment, but when rapid implementation is required, this process introduces delays. Find a platform that automates deployment along with SAP landscape transports, preferably with a single click.

In addition to being deployed on a device, it is important that the platform also allows users to develop mobile native applications (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows) that use the device and its…


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