Here’s a quick one recap on the state-level psychedelic bills under discussion, aside from Colorado’s measure regulate Implementation framework of the country – from May 2nd:

  • Arizona: HB2489 or “The PTSD Treatment Act of 2023,” which states, “Any compound, mixture, or preparation” containing MDMA that is both FDA-approved and DEA-down and intended for the treatment of PTSD may be used in the State, was tacitly passed to the governor’s desk, where it was finally approved on April 28th.

  • California: Sen. Wieners SB58 The legalization of the possession, preparation, acquisition, and transfer of certain amounts (between 2 and 15 grams) of natural psychedelics for personal and facilitated use of the substances has been approved by the Appropriations Committee and is now moving to the Senate on an expedited hearing, with further deliberation of the committee to be skipped , first reported marijuana moment.

  • Minnesota: HF1884, Finally included in the large-scale omnibus health bill HF2930 in an amended version establishing a task force to address state legislative reform to legalize and regulate psychedelics medicine (particularly psilocybin, MDMA and LSD) has taken State House floor and is now scheduled to transition to a bicameral conference committee.


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