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Public Sector Retirement Educators Announce ADA Compliant Employees…

Public Sector Retirement Educators (PRSE) has announced an ADA-compliant online retirement education platform for federal employees.

Scottsdale, Ariz. – (Newsfile Corp. – September 25, 2022) – With the growing interest in e-learning platforms for personal and professional use, Public Sector Retirement Educators now offers a revolutionary solution Federal Retired Employee Training E-Learning Programwhich can be used alone or in combination with classroom training.

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Public Sector Retirement Instructors Announce ADA Compliant Employee Training

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The announcement comes as PRSE surveys show that only 20% of federal employees are satisfied with their current retirement education. In contrast, over 93% say they would take online retirement training—and nearly two-thirds would be willing to personally invest in online retirement education.

PRSE aims to make federal retirement education and make education accessible to all and take advantage of e-learning to help employees master the concepts efficiently.

“Today everything is done online, from buying a car to selling a house to ordering groceries,” a company spokesman said. “Educating your employees about their state pensions is no exception.”

“Our powerful, personalized e-learning platform is the leader in online employee benefits education and training for federal employees. Because the application “learns” about the federal employee, it provides highly customized training for the employee’s unique needs and circumstances. Online training gives the employee better training at a significantly reduced cost, while simplifying attendance and improving retention. Coupled with in-person training, PSRE may offer the best training available—period,” they added.

With experienced federal instructors…

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