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PUER Living Product Review

As we stay home and another wave of COVID-19 hits, our health and safety, and those of our loved ones, are absolutely at the top of our minds. Keeping our homes and the surfaces we touch clean, clean and pure has never been more important. But what are the products we use for this purpose? Do we have any ideas about the chemicals that make these products? Unfortunately, no.When Pu’er life Contact me to test and share honest reviews of their products and I happily agree. Read on for my review of the PUER Living collection.

PUER Living Product Review

PUER LIVING – What does the brand stand for?

Pu-erh products promise to clean better, smell better, and completely avoid toxic chemicals. They’re formulated with the power and goodness of nature to ensure a cleaner, safer home. They also have a range of personal care products designed to cleanse safely and gently. With a 99.99% germicidal rate, their products claim to deliver clean, soft and fresh in one pass.

“Everything you use on your body, at home, and on your baby hasn’t changed in a long time. Same product, same formula. Only 5 times whiter, 200 times stronger, and has super ionic magnetic bacterial cleansing crystals. All These products all claim to be excellent, but are they really better? At Pu’er, we are working hard to redefine the word “better”. We develop products with “naturally powerful” at the core. We believe that products that truly work are not only Only from stronger, more complex chemicals. The real power comes from nature. Leveraging nature’s bounty, we make products that are hard-working, home-grown, do good, and work better. We’ve discovered natural extracts that intelligently clean fabrics of all kinds We’ve found fragrances that eliminate and neutralize odors without causing allergies. We’ve found ways to kill 99% of bacteria with 100% natural products. And we’ve also found many ways to make our daily lives cleaner, A healthier, safer approach. We don’t believe in sacrificing effectiveness for goodness or otherwise,” shared founders Ankit Daga and Sushant Panda.

PUER Living Product Review

PUER LIVING product series:

Before we move on to reviewing PUER Living products, I thought I’d highlight their product range for everyone reading this. They currently have two categories of products and plan to expand to include baby care product categories soon:

Home Care Products:

Their home care line includes two liquid detergents – Intensive Care and Advanced Care. They also have dishwashing gels, fabric conditioners, all-purpose cleaners, and floor cleaners.

Personal Care Products:

Their personal care products include hand sanitizer and sanitizer.

PUER Living Product Review

Review of Pu’er Lifestyle Products:

I received a bottle of their Advance Care liquid detergent to try. They also thoughtfully gave away a recyclable shopping bag as an extra gift. Advance Care Liquid Detergent is advertised as having the following properties:

  • 2X Detergent Actives
  • Fights over 30 stains
  • Whitening Expert: Keep Whitening Up to 30+ Times
  • 1 wash per wash
  • Visibly clean, soft, fresh clothes
  • Odor Control Technology Using NEOFRESH® Fragrance Molecules
  • Complete color protection technology
  • water saving laundry detergent
  • Plant-Based Formula
  • 6 Plant Enzymes for Deep Stains Removal
  • A blend of 4 powerful natural surfactants
  • ECOCERT and COSMOS ingredients
  • Zero Hazardous Chemicals

This is an impressive list.The packaging is also attractive – A glamorous pink liquid in a smooth and shapely bottle. It’s definitely the kind of minimal and clean packaging that would catch my eye in an aisle full of shiny products.

According to the directions provided on the product, one needs to use one lid of the product for regular loads and 1 and ½ lids for dirty laundry. The product is available in two sizes – Rs 189 for a 500ml bottle and Rs 360 for a 1000ml bottle. It lasts quite a while and offers value for money at its current sale price.

After washing with PUER Advance Care Liquid Detergent, my clothes felt clean and soft with a pleasant smell. Do they do a better job than regular detergents on the market? I can’t say because the results seem to be very similar. But compared to regular detergents, PUER Living detergents have a huge advantage – They are better for the planet and safer for my family because they are natural and chemical free.

Based on these factors, if you’re looking to switch to a cleaner, better product – for your home, your family and yourself, I’d say PUER Living’s detergents are a great choice.

I hope you found this review of PUER Living products useful and that you try their products. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! have you tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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