Wladimir Putin-Associated Russian mercenary Wagner group, who is leading the Russian attack in Bakhmut, Ukraineis about to close.

What happened: Ally of the Russian leader and founder of the Wagner Group Yevgeny PrigozhinIn a video address to a blogger published on Friday, he said: “Today we come to the point where Wagner stops.”

“Well, in terms of the general need for shells at the front, what we want,” he told the Russian War Blog Semyon Pegovaccording to Reuters.

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“Wagner will cease to exist in a short time. We’ll be history, no need to worry; Things like this happen,” he continued.

Why it matters: The Wagner group chief had said earlier this week that his troops were suffering heavy casualties due to lack of support from the Kremlin. A week earlier, he also expressed concern about a counterattack by well-equipped Ukrainian troops.

Prigozhin has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with Russia’s approach to the Ukraine war. He has criticized several times Russia’s top candidate for not providing its troops with the necessary ammunition and at times accused senior military officials of disloyalty.

Wagner is said to be there too Supplying the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces (RSF) with missiles to aid them in their fight against the country’s military.

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