Jacksonville, FL – Based in Florida Rainbow notary and wedding continues to provide access to secure notaries near me.

Their remote online notary services allow the company to certify the client’s paperwork even if they are in the other city or country. Clients can sign their documents using a smartphone, tablet or computer and email them to Rainbow Notary and Nuptials. On the same day, Rainbow’s notary and wedding team submits the paperwork to the Florida Department of State and mails it back to clients. With remote authentication, they can speed up transactions and ensure there are no delays.

Regarding the legality of documents, Rainbow Notary and Nuptials guarantee the authenticity of the papers they notarize. They use a remote online notary platform with KBA or knowledge-based authentication that confirms the signer’s identity and performs license or passport analysis. In addition, the software allows clients and notaries to have a face-to-face video conference that is recorded, retained for ten years, and ensures the transaction is confirmed and secure.

Rainbow Notary and Nuptials can handle real estate closings, banking, agent changes and much more with their remote online notary services. The company has a network of notaries throughout Florida to serve clients. Among them are: Selecia Young-Jones, Michele Klempner, Karen Albert Warren, Beth Briand, Lisa Escobar Rosado, Zouie Morton and Lisa Marie Carniello, who serve customers in various Florida locations. All are licensed to do remote notaries.

The Florida-based company launched its remote online notarization service in 2020 at the height of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Even with travel restrictions, the online notary has enabled clients to “meet” with notaries in many situations. Through the remote notary, Rainbow Notary and Nuptials also encourages contactless service.

In addition to Jacksonville, they also provide remote notaries in Daytona…


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