Ramses Khalfani: Florida’s next real estate titan

Ramses Khalfani: Florida’s next real estate titan


Ramses Khalfani: Florida's next real estate titan

After a professional basketball career, Ramses Khalfani takes on the Orlando real estate market. A Florida native, he has the local knowledge to guide clients from around the world to the right property.

Ramses lives and breathes real estate with a deep-rooted passion for real estate. Whether it’s a luxury apartment in the city or a 100-acre property in rural areas, Ramses is there with the same enthusiasm. He’s the agent you want to negotiate on your behalf when the market is hot and the agent you can count on to get you the highest dollar even when the environment begins to cool.

In order to rise to the status of a professional athlete, a high level of motivation is required. This motivation has resulted in Ramses owing several successful businesses serving others. He has helped others achieve their goals in the fitness industry and image consulting, and now assists clients with real estate aspirations. His pursuit of excellence knows no comparison.

Ramses’ success is built on quality relationships and a desire to connect with members of the community every day. He was quoted as saying, “Real estate isn’t just about the physical ownership. It’s about the people who own it, who live in it and how it helps develop a neighborhood.”

When not working for his clients, Ramses enjoys spending time with his wife Nancy and their son Versailles. You can often find them strolling the streets of Paris or sailing in the Caribbean.

Ramses Khalfani is Florida’s next real estate titan. He combines his love of real estate with an unparalleled determination that he has cultivated as a professional basketball player. His work ethic, property knowledge and refusal to be outworked are the recipe for clients’ guaranteed success. Ramses’ career is definitely one to watch!

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