Ray Urrutia Cultivates Abundance On New Episode of Growing Our Future Podcast ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Ray Urrutia Cultivates Abundance On New Episode of Growing Our Future Podcast ~ Prodigy Press Wire



The National FFA Organization works to strengthen science and agricultural educational opportunities for students across the country. The Texas FFA Association and Texas FFA Foundation are the largest state organizations in the country.

On this episode of the Growing Our Future Podcast, Aaron Alejandro introduces Ray Urrutia, Founder and CEO of Terra Firma Foods–a company that uses sophisticated technology to grow better food faster in controlled environments. Urrutia’s experience combining agriculture and technology has uniquely prepared him to contemplate the future of food in the United States and beyond.

Listen to the full episode with host Aaron Alejandro and Ray Urrutia here.

Solid Ground

Growing up on a farm gave Ray Urrutia the foundational skills he uses to lead Terra Firma Foods, a company he founded that combines state-of-the-art technology and high-quality soil to produce vegetables. Urrutia says the process of growing, harvesting, packing, and delivering to market was “already in his head”, but now he implements it on a larger scale.

Urrutia’s work is more critical than ever. In what Alejandro calls a “very hungry world”, 2 billion people are malnourished, according to Urrutia–and that number could jump to 10.5 billion over the next 25 years. Furthermore, Urrutia says, “Right now we import 60% of our organic food. We need to change that.”

The Future of Food

“I look to the next 100 years,” Urrutia says. “I may not be here, but the foundation will be.” Urrutia emphasizes that the solutions to the ongoing problem of hunger may change with time and innovation. “Young minds are the future”, he says–and if educators can stimulate those minds to think about undiscovered or untested possibilities, kids will have the power to shape the future.

“You’re providing another pathway to solving some of those food problems,” Alejandro says.

Alejandro and Urrutia agree that FFA does critical work to instill core values…


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