Readers’ Favorite Announces Nonfiction Review -…

Readers’ Favorite Announces Nonfiction Review -…


Readers' Favorite announces nonfiction review - Inspirational "Winks from above"

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of Liliane Fortna’s inspirational non-fiction book, Winks From Above, available now at

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“Reviewed by Erin Nicole Cochran as Reader’s Favorite

Winks From Above: Opening Up to Signs and Synchronicities to Receive Little Miracles Every Day by Liliane Fortna is the kind of book that is transformative in ways that are impossible to grasp all at once. Reading her words, the moments in life she experienced, both good and bad, bring back memories of the things we went through and that ultimately shaped us. Paths we walk, whether they are set before our existence or whether they are malleable and flexible, are those beautiful but intricately scarred journeys. Being invited into life, in any way, is one of the most sacred experiences one can have.

Liliane Fortna’s Winks From Above felt like a wink from above. The connections made in the book helped me understand the unseen world around me. Parts of the world that I used to see more clearly when I was much younger but later got muddled are now becoming clearer again. There is a trust in my spirit that I feel a part of again. The way Fortna tells her story is lively but also to the point. A poetic thread runs through the entire book. On page 122: “On snowy days they sometimes came to the door that led to the yard. I could see their little footprints all the way up…

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