Recreational boat market size is expected to reach $64.71 billion by…

Recreational boat market size is expected to reach $64.71 billion by…


NEW YORK, United States, Aug. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A pleasure boat is a recreational vessel used primarily for pleasure and tourism purposes. sailing boats, speedster, tractor, cabin cruiser, jet boatsand watercraft are popularly motorized or non-motorized leisure boats. People often use them for Boating, Sail, fishingand campaign. Because boating allows individuals to enjoy themselves while maintaining a social distance, it has become one of the most popular forms of recreation in different regions and countries and has increased the number of people who buy boats.

The luxurious and spacious Leisure boat cabins are made of high-quality materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum and coated fabrics. In addition, it features advanced propulsion systems and a host of amenities for overnight guests. Growing adult interest in boating and increasing discretionary income are two factors that have helped recreational boating gain significant popularity. These factors encourage a wider range of recreational activities, including recreational boating.

The rapid expansion of the tourism industry and the adoption of technologies such as the Internet of Things and smart connected devices are driving the growth of the leisure boat market. Due to the low and affordable prices of various recreational boats, boating has become an increasingly popular pastime. The increasing number of people with significant wealth has led to an increase in spending money on leisure activities. Additionally, the expansion of trade shows and boating events and the increase in the number of attendees at these events have contributed significantly to the growth of the market.

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Growing popularity of connected boats and increased leisure spending to drive the leisure boat market

Pleasure boat owners are…

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