Regulatory Update: Non-Compliance Issue from NM, IL Sales, Kansas MMJ, …

Regulatory Update: Non-Compliance Issue from NM, IL Sales, Kansas MMJ, …


New Mexico

local media reported last Friday that the state Cannabis Control Department has conducted 100 inspections since adult pot sales began in April and found that “31 businesses are non-compliant.

“The whole idea is that we’re moving from an unregulated new industry to a regulated industry. We work with licensees to bring them into alignment. The state has not cited recreational marijuana licenses since legalizing it. They also plan to hire two more compliance officers,” said the New Mexico Cannabis Control department head Andrew Vallejos. “The Department of Cannabis Control currently has eight compliance officers inspecting 478 recreational marijuana licensed businesses. There is no government regulation on how often they have to inspect these companies per year.”


Illinois adult-use cannabis sales of $130.7 million increased 1.0% sequentially in September, despite one day less. “YoY, growth was slightly higher than the 6.2% rate in August, up 7.4%.” reported NCV. “2021 adult sales of $1.38 billion in Illinois increased 106% from 2020 and annual sales of $1.15 billion are up 15.0% in 2022 to date. In August sales to non-residents fell to 31.5% of total sales from 31.8% in August.”


That Special Committee on Medical Marijuana will meet October 12-19 to discuss the details of a bill legalizing medical MMJ and hear testimony from law enforcement, state agencies and local governments. reported

“We haven’t had discussions about it as a governing body … we have a new city manager and I don’t know his opinion on that, but I think we’ll have some discussions.” Spencer Duncan, the Deputy Mayor of Topeka told the media. Though marijuana is still illegal in Kansas, it’s legal across the border in Missouri, where Adult cannabis may soon be legalized.


A legislative working group has re-examined how the…

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