Renowned marijuana advocate Anne van Leynseele invites Cannabis…

Renowned marijuana advocate Anne van Leynseele invites Cannabis…


Are you a budding cannabis entrepreneur unaware of the darkness that lies behind the legalized cannabis industry? Anne van Leynseele can help you.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – 07/21/2022 – In her book, Cultivating Crime – The Dark Side of Legal Marijuana, Anne van Leynseele sheds light on the gruesome truth behind the legalized cannabis industry in the United States. In a nonfiction thriller, this frontline cannabis advocate uncovers the duplicity and criminal acts that lie beneath the regulated systems.

Anne examines how the cannabis industry suffers from the abuse of legalization laws. She calls for more equality, integrity and ethics in the industry and in the legal system. She thinks this book is a must-read for cannabis enthusiasts, lawyers, legislators, and entrepreneurs who want to stay competitive or start a cannabis business.

Anne van Leynseele is considered one of the brightest minds in the legal cannabis and hemp industry today. She founded NWMJ LAW, which grew into 7 Point Law, and continues to provide full-service business advice and planning to the domestic and international legalized marijuana and hemp industries.

Anne van Leynseele has three degrees and an International Executive MBA. She looks after a select group of clients with short deadlines in this differentiated legal landscape. As she puts it, “My job is essentially innovating and communicating with clients, engaging allies with specialized skills, and understanding regulators’ intent to keep up. I put customers’ needs first, and enterprise-level risk management and mitigation is key to long-term survival.”

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